translated from Spanish: Confirms Jorge Reynoso, Noelia’s husband

Mexico City.- Sarita Sosa He changed his attitude suddenly, after Noelia’s husband intervened and prevented José José from being cremated. And he’ll legally threaten her. Now, the youngest daughter of “The Prince of Song” has to be cordially reunited with her half-brothers, José Joel and Marysol.
In an interview with Selling, Jorge Reynoso revealed how he had to enter as a mediator in the lawsuit between Sarita and his brothers. Although he wanted to stay out, the representative couldn’t bear to see the eldest sons of the “The Ship of Forgotten” humiliated the older children of the ship of oblivion, as he maintained a very close relationship with the late singer.
“I met a couple of days ago with José Joel. He asked me to intervene in the situation. I did: we provided you with lawyers, city authorities; but mostly in the goal of mediating so that there was a happy ending. (…) I had, in a way, to bring in the commissioners and politicians to start making motions so that the body would not be incinerated. It would have been a great tragedy for the Mexican public,” said Reynoso, who shared a friendship with the performer in Miami.

The interpreter has not been cremated: he is in a funeral home

Jorge Reynoso, husband and manager of Noelia, also made some legal clarifications to take into account after the death of José José. Because, contrary to what Sarita preaches, as soon as her father passed away, she’s power of attorney over him ended. Now, the three sons Sosa can take over the body of their father.
For this reason, Jorge Reynoso spoke to Sarita and made her come to his senses “for the good.” She told her that if things don’t go well in the meeting with her siblings, she would apply other legal mechanisms so that she even stops having custody of the singer.
In addition, thanks to a mandate from the Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard, who contacted the FBI, Sarita will no longer be able to cremate the body of the interpreter, who, according to Reynoso, is in a funeral home.
José José goes there (Mexico),” Reynoso said, but clarified that it may take several days to arrive.

#JorgeReynoso she intervened as a mediator among #JoséJosé’s children and offered them legal support. #LoVisteEnVentaneando More information here:
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