translated from Spanish: Girls are wounded by “stray bullet” while a subject is shot

Jacona, Michoacán.- A man was shot dead by individuals who after the murder committed escaped. In the attack a little girl was injured when she was hit by a “stray bullet”, according to the information obtained by this news agency. The event was on Wednesday in the Mexico colony in this city of Jacona.
The event was on Michoacán street almost on the corner with Calle Lázaro Cárdenas. At the people’s call for help, some municipal civil protection paramedics came, who confirmed the death of those who were later identified by their loved ones as Ramiro C., 54.
Official contacts said that the financier was originally from the municipality of Panindícuaro and neighbor of this city, in the settlement mentioned above. The elements of the Municipal Police and the Michoacán Police were responsible for guarding the perimeter in attachment to the chain of custody and thus avoiding the contamination of evidence.
In addition, public security managers revealed that in the assault a “lost bullet” gave in the humanity of the youngest Rosa Azucena C., 5 years old, she was attended to by first responders and then quickly channeled to the emergency room of the Regional Hospital of this town and there it was interned. The matter is investigated by the staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice.

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