translated from Spanish: Mayor of Puerto Octay urges government after return of drinking water to the commune: asks them to deliver «a definitive solution»

The ordeal for the neighbors of Puerto Octay has come to an end, since after 20 days without drinking water, on Tuesday the authorities reported that it can already be consumed, since it is not turbulent.
«The bill was given to the mayor, where the water consumption ban is being lifted, and therefore now the water delivered by the grid is a water that is suitable for consumption,» the Los Lagos Health Service on Tuesday confirmed , Scarlett Molt.
The restoration of service should have occurred on Monday, but it was not done because the water was still contaminated. In this regard, the seremi said that «the call to the community is to be calm», and explained: «It is a water that has concentration of chlorine that complies with physical and chemical regulations and, from that aspect, today we can say that water is suitable for consumption.»
After overcoming the health crisis, the mayor of Puerto Octay, María Elena Ojeda, explained, in an interview with Emol, that beyond the current problem, the old network system that has the commune is deficient and brings with it turbidity, such as iron and Plastic.
For this reason, the mayor noted that «we need you to be here, in Puerto Octay, the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Economy and give us a definitive solution to a real possibility of giving water to our people accordingly.»
«If we are going to be with these kinds of problems, we urgently need ministers to somehow see our reality and also with those bring us the necessary resources and start to give a definitive solution,» he said.

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