translated from Spanish: MPs contest to retain office and seek positions in Morena

After Morena’s Honesty Commission instructed his members to resign their public office so that he could contest positions in the party’s leadership, 16 federal deputies and a constituency are in court before the Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of the Federation (TEPJF).
The Tribunal received the offices of challenge between 27 October and 1 September, and the person who appears as the representative of all the applicants is the deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, deputy of Horacio Duarte.
Among the disaffected is the trustee of Ecatepec, Daniel Sibaja González, former of the current deputy Mario Delgado, one of the contenders for the presidency of the Morena party. This is a trial for the protection of its political electoral rights, and was received by the Court on 1 October, as noted in file number SUP-JDC-1297/2019.
The deputies who challenged are Dolores Padierna, Moisés Mier Velazco; Miguel Jarero Valázquéz; Manuel Rodríguez González, Jorge Luis Montes Nieves, Estela Núñez Alvarez, Francisco Javier Borrego Adame, Bonifacio Aguilar Linda, Carmen Mora García, Beatriz Silvia Robles Gutiérrez, Carlos Enrique Martínez Aké, María Alvarado Moreno, Armando Contreras Castillo , Miguel Prado de los Santos and Erasmo González Robledo.
On 23 September, the Morena National Commission on Honesty and Justice issued the cnHJ-384-2019 issue in which it issued the Guidelines on the implementation of the call for the THIRD Ordinary National Congress of the Party, in which the Leadership.
It informs the members that «they may not hold an executive office who holds a position of popular choice or are ministers, magistrates or federal or local judges or public servants of the administration of the three orders of federal, state or municipal resources, for which they have human, material and economic resources, unless they request their separation from office, by license or resignation».
Mario Delgado, for example, seeks the party presidency, and is the coordinator of the bench in the Chamber of Deputies, but assured that these guidelines only apply in case of winning some leadership position in the party, and not contender.
«I don’t have to ask my position of Member for resignation or leave because Morena’s statute does not provide for resignation. You can’t hold two positions, deputy or government official, and be part of the leadership. In the event that he was elected, he would have to ask for leave there, but that’s not going to happen until November,» he said on September 24.
Three days after this statement, Deputy Sergio Carlos Gutiérrez Luna promoted the challenge before the Court «in his capacity as authorized by a group of federal legislators Starring in the True Change of Morena», according to the file SUP-CA-166, received at the Officers of Parties.
Between 29 September and one october, each Member also lodged the challenge, claiming his right to the protection of electoral rights, that is, not having to resign his posts to contest for leadership positions in the party.
Appeals shall be lodged in the Plenary of the Tribunal for discussion, after the magistrate to which the case is assigned present the project.
If he resolved in favor of the promoventes, any official seeking to contend for a moreappeal leadership position would not be required to resign his post in the civil service.
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