translated from Spanish: Make light, finally said Mayor Culichi

After several months of waiting, during which much of the city’s streets were in the dark, the municipal president of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, will finally meet on Monday with officials from the Energy Secretariat and the World Bank, for accept the proposal to receive 12 thousand luminaires, so that the city does not continue to be in darkness due to the faults in the street lighting, since there are many sectors that complain that they have no light. So, if you live in one of these or know someone, make sure you get these new lamps at (667) 713 92 87.> Water barrier
Over there by the sector known as El Sifón, in San Miguel Zapotitlán, Ahome, they are looking for very large anti-water barriers, to put in the doors of their cantons and that the downpour of the rains do not get them to the last corner of the rooms , spoiling their belongings. And it is that, in a shot, when they made the drain of all the streets of San Mike, no one thought of the race that lives in the surroundings of this canal, which is always suffering from this mess. There if you know what roll, where they are bought or how they are made, please tell the Chaca de Obras Públicas, José Carlos Grandío Navarro, at (668) 816 50 06, to make the machaca.> Chambita relaxing
Stress is playing a trick on you and you don’t know what to do to calm down? The Public Services department in Guasave has a good solution for you, besides you will throw a bag. You only have to spend a good amount of your time watering the streets that are not paved to placate the land, taking advantage of the sound of water soothing. You will be given the necessary tools to fulfill your chamberba. If you are interested, contact Mauricio López Parra, chaca of the department, at (687) 871 87 09.> Ask for assistants
Efficient assistants are requested to help the holders of the various addresses and paramunicipals in the municipality of Angostura with the development of annual operational programs, so that they leave them well detailed and ready to be delivered on time to be asked, because the morethanist ruler José Luis Beltrán Astorga said he asked for them and that they only gave him some impromptu lists of activities that they were doing, but not works, and of that about a year ago. If you’re interested in jale, go to the angosturense building at (697) 734 00 40.> The plane’s gone.
Someone has to remind the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, of the six million pesos he promised to finish the regeneration of the Miguel Hidalgo Market in Escuinapa. Apparently, the official forgot and the locals are passing Cain’s for it. Last Monday, September 30, Storm Narda swept with the stalls in the square. If you are encouraged to call the gober, here is your phone number (667) 758 70 00. 

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