translated from Spanish: Trans woman gets alleged discrimination when she wants to marry in Tamaulipas

Madero, Tamaulipas.- A couple made up of a transgender man and woman went to the civil registry to marry, but this was denied by the judges after they reportedly hinted that it was an equal marriage, which is not legal in the State. In the face of such a situation they were supported by Marbella “N”, activist and president of the Asociación Conexión Joven, who stated that the couple had days requesting their marriage and they were denied for reasons not apparent.

The young couple submitted all the relevant documentation for the marriage process, however civil registry personnel made young people understand that they could not marry because she was still a man and same-sex marriage is not allowed in the state of Tamaulipas.Itzel “N” declared to local media that she had changed her gender for about 5 years, and was legally a woman, even her INE corroborated this information. Itzel, who is also an activist, said he will file a complaint with Human Rights and reach the latest bodies to bring justice.
I’m going to file a complaint with the CNDH for the treatment I had, I’m almost 5 years old, I have identity, I have official documents and there shouldn’t be any problem.”

He also stated that public officials need to be educated, because regardless of their identity or preference they remain human beings. For her boyfriend Arister “N”, said that they had almost 15 days applying for the bridal contract, when it is a procedure that should not take more than 8 days, it was then that the upsets began, coupled with improper questions about the identity of Itzel.La holder of he stated that it was not true what the couple complained about, said that in fact they had come to apply for their marriage and that same day they wanted the act to be perpetuated, when it is a procedure that takes a few days between documentation and clinical analysis.

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