translated from Spanish: Health commission claims to strengthen its work agenda

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that the members Cuquita Cabrera, Zenaida Salvador and Salvador Arvizu, members of the Health Committee, agreed to strengthen their work agenda and speed up the analysis of various initiatives that were turned over by the Congressional Plenary.
In this regard, Ms Cuquita Cabrera stressed that the members of the Commission she chairs agreed on the working path for the study and analysis of those initiatives to be decided, so that the technical board was requested to give speed to the analysis of the same, so that they can be submitted to the plenary for discussion as soon as possible.
For their part, Members Zenaida Salvador and Salvador Arvizu, agreed on the need to give prompt departure to health issues, because the inkwell contains pressing initiatives, which are necessary to help citizens, and which are therefore the issue or by the financial crisis that the entity is going through, it has been preferred to postpone its discussion.
Among the initiatives that will be analyzed is the Transplant and Donation of Organs, Tissues and Cells Initiative, which seeks to have a legal framework to increase the donation of organs from people with brain death, which can represent a great life expectancy for hundreds or thousands of Michoacans.
Similarly, the initiative put forward by Mp Humberto González Villanueva, which seeks to safeguard traditional indigenous medicine, will be examined, as well as to provide resources for this community health system to survive.
It will also consider the initiative presented by Members Osiel Equihua and Mr. Antonio Soto, in which it proposes that any person over the age of eighteen, with full capacity for exercise, may be a user of assisted reproduction techniques, granting their consent, informed, free and in writing, after medical evaluation, which must include counseling and psychological accompaniment for the duration of the treatment.
Initiatives that propose reforms to the health law on renal failure, measures to protect non-smokers, decriminalization of abortion, creation of the breastfeeding law and the tattoo law, will also be discussed. perforations and micro pigmentation, among others.

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