translated from Spanish: Caeli poses in sexy bikini and is madness on Instagram

The famous youtuber Caeli poses in sexy bikini and is madness on Instagram, where her thousands of followers immediately react and express to her how cute she looks. Caeli often posts images on her networks where she looks beautiful and seductive. The influencer Caeli shares several photographs, and in one of them she could be seen sitting by the pool and wears a sexy bikini in black. His back and back are in the foreground.

In that post, Caeli announces to his fans that he prepares many surprises and will soon be released through his YouTube channel.Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López is Caeli’s full name, and according to his biography, since he was at the school he made his pr And he’s always been in touch with the world of communication. Caeli is the creator of her alter ego, Juanxita, who in 2012 uploaded her parody to the YouTube page: «Juanxita in boring» and gathered no less than 13 million videoviews. 
   Caeli or Caelike is a vlogger who is in the top places with the most subscribers in Mexico and Latin America. Caeli is a well-prepared girl, since she studied acting, finished her career as an «Interprete-translator», studied Japanese and has worked on Mexican television programs such as «La Voz Kids 3».

In her videos for YouTube, Caeli talks about beauty and was also able to enter the world of gameplayers. She likes football, loves pets and as a child she was a fan of the RBD group.

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