translated from Spanish: Document management: an indispensable step for the digitization of your business

Technology is no longer a luxury or privilege. Its use has become a fundamental element not only for people but also for companies that aspire to be at the forefront with competitive processes.
In this sense, one of the technological innovations accessible to any organization that wants to make the leap from analogous to 2.0, is the digitization of documents. This action allows to store in an orderly and reliable way information that, when analyzed and intelligently managed, makes productivity more efficient, supports business processes and improves business strategies.
A technology that, moreover, does not involve high costs in relation to other processes. “A document management system requires an orderly and logical storage structure, a shared server with simple access policies through network users or low-cost or even free cloud storage systems, to which you can access from anywhere,” explains Benjamín Gatica, channel manager var (CMV) of Epson’s corporate segment.
Value added
While there are a number of products on the market that meet this need, the company’s offering adds up to a broad portfolio of scanners and mfps that add value to the offering. One of the advantages is data security, item solved through free software that includes all your computers, and that allows you to keep confidential documents in the cloud, separate type of documents, recognize files according to barcodes or Zonal OCR, among other options.
Another is linked to document management, data analytics and automation of production flows. Studies of lawyers, accounting firms, universities, libraries, or banks that require providing a coordinated flow of information between team members can incorporate Epson equipment designed to capture, process, and use the company information, thanks to software integrated by valutech, its strategic partner.
The company’s product folder integrates laptops such as the ES 50, a nearly 30-centimeter flat bar useful for digitizing business cards, identification cards or a sheet in 5 and a half seconds. Also flat bed for sensitive books and documents, and other high resolution for the photographic or medical segment. The most sophisticated for workgroups, the DS 870 is reliable, robust, user-friendly and capable of scanning up to 65 pages per minute.

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