translated from Spanish: Ecuador government negotiates release of 47 military and 5 policemen held by protesters

A not-for-one fact common in the dynamics of the demonstrations has captured the world’s attention in Ecuador. Since yesterday, a group of the population that is in demonstrations and national unemployment against a package of economic measures proposed by President Lenin Moreno following suggestions by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), negotiates with the Ecuadorian government the 47 military personnel and 5 police men who are being held. The uniforms were captured this Saturday in the town of Nizag in the province of Chimborazo in the Sierra de Ecuador, this after a march in protest in the context of the national stoppage and demonstrations against Moreno.As reported this day by CNN the Ministry of Government and the Ministry of Defence have held meetings since this morning in the town of Nizag to negotiate the release of the uniformed. According to the government the military and police were at the scene trying to prevent road blocks when they were held by the protesters, but according to the protesters were the uniforms who attacked the Protestants and gassed their and denounce a number of cases of brutality by Estado.Al officials regarding the negotiations at the Interior Ministry has pointed out that no agreement has yet been reached. For now, in other aspects of the national protest, it has been indicated that the public transport service has not been fully restored, while the government announced on Saturday the increase in the fare of the inter- and intra-provincial transport ticket between 5 and 10 cents. It should be noted that demonstrations for the rise in the price of benzine, among other massively criticized economic measures, have been unleashed throughout the country for much of the week, and that since last 3 October President Lenín Moreno decreed the state of exception throughout the national territory.

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