translated from Spanish: Moisture is delayed

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Due to the prevailing humidity, the start of bean plantings in the region has been postponed, Wilfrido Cassal González reported.The president of the Bean Product System in Sinaloa noted that there are not even preparations in the lands but that, of conditions, they could do it in about eight or 10 more days. Works

There are no preparations on earth that is disqualifying and fertilizing and then sowing, the tillage of agricultural land is zeroed. We think it will be in about eight or 10 days or so, if it keeps raining everything will be delayed and some are in the middle of preparation, others are in zero preparation.»

el obrero la obrera. Seed certification and validation is done to prevent diseases such as white mold, as if it occurs producers have to make applications that increase their production costs.

Seed inspection
The agricultural representative mentioned that what had been being worked on was seed certification and verification, which was most recommended for producers who leaned through this crop to avoid disease.
Each producer already has its seeds, some are on it but they are really validated by the Snics and some are certified, others verified, and as far as we go, there has been an intention of the producer to certify and validate their seeds.»

For this agricultural cycle the recommendation to producers is not to exceed the sowing of beans of 70 thousand hectares in the state. In the case of Guasave it is expected that at most 20 thousand hectares of this product belonging to the basic basket and used in most Mexican households will be planted. The planting plan for this agricultural cycle is expected to have a reduction in the area to be established of maize due to low volumes of water in the dams. However for the bean it is estimated that it could be similar to that of previous cycles.

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