translated from Spanish: Second agent calls for us to testify before US Congress against Trump

A second U.S. intelligence agent wants to provide Congress with first-hand information on President Donald Trump’s pressures on Ukraine, which could bolster Democrats’ investigation to open a political trial against the representative. Marz Zaid, the attorney representing the first informant, told ABC on Sunday (06.10.2019) that his new client is also an American intelligence agent, though he did not specify which agency he belongs to.
U.S. laws protect members of the intelligence services who report an allegedly illegal act within government agencies, but deadlines are strict and protocol is strictly defined for these whistleblowers. Trump also warned his party’s co-religionists yesterday that he would be «relentless» with those who support Democrats in a possible opening of impeachment.
Zaid said the new whistleblower has direct information about Trump’s alleged attempts to hurt former Vice President Joe Biden for the 2020 election. The first whistleblower’s complaint led House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi to announce the launch of an investigation to determine whether Trump should be impeached for his pressure on Ukraine on September 24. On Twitter, lawyer Andrew Bakaj, who also represents the first agent, explained that his law firm is presenting «multiple informants.»
At the center of the controversy is a phone call on July 25, in which Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, to investigate Biden and one of his sons, Hunter, for corruption in Ukraine, who advised a Ukrainian gas company. The goal of the representative was supposed to hurt Biden, a favorite in the polls to take the Democratic nomination and fight Trump in the 2020 elections.
The first informant drew up his complaint from the information of half a dozen officials, so he had no first-hand information. Now, the new whistleblower claims to have direct information and that could give Democrats more ammunition to get a political trial opened against Trump. The president reacted quickly to the news and, on Twitter, claimed that this new whistleblower comes from the «deep state,» a term from a conspiracy theory and that he uses to appoint an alleged group of bureaucrats trying to harm him.

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