translated from Spanish: They execute young people in front of Corsica sector park, Culiacan

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Sitting at the wheel of the car he was driving, a young man was executed last night on one of the streets of the Corsica fractionation, in front of a park, when he was allegedly intercepted by one or more subjects who closed his way, to then shoot him at close range. Relatives who arrived at the site of the attack identified it with the name Jesus Desiderio N., approximately 27 years old, domiciled in the colony Toledo Corro.The report
At around 22:20 hours yesterday, the emergency number 911 was reported that on Costa Crotone Street, on the corner of Napoli Avenue, a person had been shot and that he was on board a vehicle. Elements of the Municipal Police that guard the southern sector of the city were moved to the site to verify the call. Upon arrival they found a car of the Nissan line of the brand Tima, sand-colored, with a male on board, who had blood stains on his body, so they immediately gave notice to the Red Cross.In minutes paramedics arrived. In trying to provide first aid, they realized that the first aid no longer had vital signs. In the face of such a situation, the preventive requested the presence of staff of the State Attorney General’s Office to take over the case. The facts
According to versions of people who were at the site of the attack, there was total tranquility in the area, when suddenly firearm detonations were heard, so they chose to take refuge in their homes; after a few minutes they went out to see what had happened and saw the unit with a hole in the unit’s door pane, and as they approached they saw the west recharged on the pilot’s seat and bloodstained, so they gave notice to the emergency numbers. They found no shell casings.
After a few minutes, research staff from the Eagle group arrived to start the investigations. They entered in conjunction with experts to the area where the aggression took place. During the court-enforcement, some images of the vehicle and body of the Occius were taken; they later opened the car and could see that Jesus Desiderio had two bullet impacts on his body, at chest height; also, that the glass of the pilot’s door was shot and that it was lowered at the middle of the window. After searching the entire area for evidence, investigators and experts found no firearm shellcass, so it was alleged that he may have been killed with a gun. After two hours of the protocols that mark the law, it was ordered that the body be taken to the Forensic Medical Service for the corresponding necropsy, and then delivered to their relatives. At the close of this edition, no alleged person was known to be held responsible for this crime.

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