translated from Spanish: Municipal police secure three cages with parakeets in Coyotitán

San Ignacio.- Municipal police recovered a unit in which they moved three cages with parakeets inside. The events occurred at 11:20 a.m. on Monday, on kilometer 52 of the Federal Mexico Highway 15, at the height of the village Los Chinacates of the Union of Coyotitán.

Officers indicated that during a surveillance tour they noticed that four crew members of a dark grey 1991 Nissan model truck descended from the unit and fled the mountain. As they approached, the vehicle was noticed that in the box were the cages with one hundred birds of two species, which are presumed to have been captured in the area of the Cacaxtla Plateau, since they are in breeding season. The uniforms pointed out that when checkthe database showed that it does not have a report of theft, and that it is in the name of Julio César «L», domiciled in the colony Valles del Ejido.


They also brought some nets with which it is presumed to have caught such birds that always fly in herds. Also inside the van they located a wallet with an identification in the name of Francisco Javier «S», domiciled in the colony El Rastro de Ruiz Nayarit.Both the unit and the birds, were made available to the PGR. For his part the director of Public Safety and Municipal Transit, Alberto Castro Peña, indicated that these types of routes are being constant in this section, where previously assaults were reported, and the raid of this type of birds.

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