translated from Spanish: Statue of Vicente Fernández located in Guadalajara desata memes

After a full-scale statue of 2.70 meters high and 800 kg in honor of the Mexican singer in the Plaza de Los Mariachis for his long musical career was unveiled, the photographs of the monument were viralized and the Internet made his own Once again. This tribute was organized by the government of Jalisco, where the «Chente» originates. The singer was greeted with applause on the esplanade of the Cabañas Cultural Institute, where 65,000 people gathered.

The one in charge of revealing the monument was the mayor, Ismael del Toro, who indicated that the statue is «pretty charra». Despite the emotional tribute and concert that the singer gave at the scene, some Internet users took advantage to make criticisms and taunts to the monument unveiled, as they ensured that it is nothing like the singer.

Vicente Fernández did talk about it about the statue and assured that the monument was missing some «details» but that it was going to end. The statue was made by Jorge Frausto, is made of silicon bronze and depicts a young Vicente in a charro suit while riding a horse. The price of the sculpture was 2 million 600 thousand pesos, a situation that was not to the liking of many, so the taunts on social networks began.

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