translated from Spanish: CyberMonday posts purchases for $40 million in first 12 hours

According to preliminary estimates by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), during the first 12 hours of CyberMonday 2019, total purchases at the 444 participating sites exceeded US$ 40 million, a product of about 300 thousand trans Actions. The latter increased by around 10% compared to last year’s event. According to the background of Exceda, a technology partner in charge of the security of the official site, during the first half hour of the event there was a peak of almost 35,000 queries per second, confirming the high interest of consumers in accessing offers and news arranged by participating sites. Despite this strong demand, the official site remained fully available, with an average loading time of 1.3 seconds. Mobile devices once again played a leading role in consumer habits, generating more than 70% of site visits. Both participating sites and payment methods operated without relevant contingencies, contributing to the user experience. In terms of prices, retailCompass monitoring accounted for average discounts of 29%, in line with the magnitudes historically seen at events Cyber.De agreement to the CCS this is very good news, considering that this has been a particularly aggressive in terms of promotions and prices, so he highlighted the efforts of the companies participating in the official event. According to the RetailCompass sample, the categories with the greatest discounts are clothing and footwear, with an average 35% and sports and outdoors, with 32%. Categories that normally operate with narrower margins also stood out for their attractiveness of their offerings, such as electronics and technology, with price drops of the average 26%. Regarding the first claims balance made by Sernac (30 claims until 11:30 on Monday), the CCS reported that these represent about 0.01% of total transactions, with a further decline compared to previous years (0.03%), although they are still figures quite a few foreplay. The event, organized by the CCS Electronic Commerce Committee, began with 444 affiliated sites operating under the self-regulatory standards designed for this Cybermonday, and will run with most of them until Wednesday, October 9.

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