translated from Spanish: New Ranger arrives in Chile with higher level of equipment and comfort

Ford introduces the new version for its Ranger model. A launch that in addition to updating one of the most outstanding vehicles by the company and drivers, achieves one of the objectives: to develop cars with technological advances that contribute both on and off the road.
New Ranger is a robust, imposing yet modern, sophisticated pick-up with high-end vehicle technology. With ten versions and seven colors available, the firm continues to reinforce the concept of versatility, adding more equipment relevant to users in this segment, as well as targeting different types of uses and consumer profiles.
Renovated design
A subtle and renewed exterior design characterizes New Ranger. It is completely redesigned in terms of its front suspension, with improvements to the shocks and chassis, as well as the repositioning of the anti-roll bar. Thus, it improves the comfort and movement of a car that is made to respond to any type of route.
It is added the new rear portal with assistance, helping the user to make 60% less effort when closing the portal.
The antenna features a new design and is now located at the back of the roof, also serving as a GPS signal receiver.
2.2L engine with more power
With a more efficient, faster engine and higher power, a high level of driving satisfaction and great dynamic performance are provided.
The powerful Ford Puma 2.2L engine delivers 160CV of power (+10CV vs previous version) and a maximum torque of 385 Nm (+10Nm vs previous version) between 1,600 and 2,500 rpm. It is available with a 6-speed Manual transmission.
Semi-autonomous technology and more
The most noteworthy part of this new edition is to democratize access to high-end technologies. Among them are
Autonomous Emergency Braking with detection of pedestrians and vehicles. This technology detects the proximity of vehicles and/or pedestrians and helps reduce potential damage from a possible collision, braking the truck autonomously.
In addition to the Adaptive Cruise Control (CCA) and Lane Maintenance System, it has a fatigue detector, system continuously monitors through the camera and rotation sensor the position and movement of the vehicle within the lane.
And it also has a traffic signal identifier, where the control identifies road traffic signals and issues signals to the driver of speeding through a front camera.
Maximum security
The new version of Ranger features the highest standards of safety as standard, such as Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Traction Control (TCS); Electronic Descent Control in 4×4 (HDC) versions; Pending Match Assistant (HLA), Adaptive Load Control (LAC), Anti-Roll Control (ROM), and Trailer Roll Control (TSM).
All ten versions of New Ranger will be available from $13,320,000 + VAT

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