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The south-cartoon series, had virtually disappeared on Tuesday from the internet in China, after the broadcast of an episode in which he mocked the crackdown on political opponents in the country.
The latest chapter of this American series, which uses an absurd humor and sarcastic tone to address controversial issues, attacked American companies that are willing to do anything to make their mark in the Chinese market.
The series describes forced labour in a Chinese detention center and parodied companies that put their business interests first and give in to censorship.
On Tuesday, when South Park was being sought on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and on other pages, no results were obtained. Some streaming video pages refer to some episodes but the chapters could not be viewed.
The incident coincides with the controversy caused by a tweet from a leader of the Houston Rockets basketball team on behalf of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters, which has provoked criticism from the Chinese government and threatens to hurt the NBA’s business in Asian country.
On Twitter, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone presented China with some very ironic excuses. «Like the NBA, we are happy to welcome Chinese censors into our homes and hearts.
«We also love money more than freedom and democracy,» they said.

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