translated from Spanish: They find manhandled and shot subject in Uruapan

Uruapan, Michoacán.- A corpse that was manhandled and shot was found lying in the streets of the Valle Dorado colony, located in this city of Uruapan, according to the information obtained by this medium. The event was in the vicinity of clinic 81 of the Mexican Social Security Institute.
In this tenor, the event was reported by the neighbors of the area to the emergency number 911, which triggered the mobilization of the elements of the Michoacan Police, who when they arrived in the area corded it off in the chain of custody to avoid contamination of the p osbutible evidence.
The deceased lay on La Piedad street, paramedics came to the site and confirmed that the citizen no longer had vital signs. The experts and investigating agents of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Uruapan also arrived to take care of the competent inquests and the transfer of the late to the amphitheatre.
Likewise, voices close to the case suggested that the now-west is unknown, since among his belongings he did not have any identification to let his generals know. The deceased’s loved ones are now expected to come to the morgue to claim their remains and bury them.

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