translated from Spanish: Laura Prieto shared an intimate and emotional message: «Sometimes I’m tired, but I don’t lose faith»

Model Laura Prieto, who was invited to the program Podemos Hablar de Chilevisión, where she made revelations about aspects of her life, wrote an emotional and intimate message on social media.
Prieto uploaded an image of him to Instagram accompanied by the text «hello I present I’m Laura… you can say a lot of things about me… but I consider myself a very sensitive woman… sometimes I find myself surrounded by people, but I consider myself tremendously lonely. I’ve stumbled several times and got up. Sometimes I wonder why fate wants this to live…»
«I have learned to shut up and live, I don’t know if I believe that everything goes through something. and I’m tired of them seeing in me something that I’m not… This is me Laura… an extremely sensitive woman who despite everything although sometimes I promise not to dream anymore or fantasize I do, I do it constantly…»
The model added that «there are days like many that maybe I don’t want to know anything, I feel alone and lock myself in my world until I find something that motivates me to go outside and fight it… Hello I’m Laura… sometimes I’m tired but I don’t lose faith.»
The message, which received more than 10 thousand likes, received positive feedback from friends and followers of the model. «I’m very happy to have you close to friend,» «authentic, divine, you have a big heart,» «you’re a very beautiful and brave woman,» she said.

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