translated from Spanish: Seminar “Regional Development Decentralization: Current Situation and Projections” in Sergio May Colvin Auditorium

Seminar “Regional Development Decentralization: Current Situation and Projections”
In Auditorium Sergio May Colvin, Av. Providencia 1925. Metro Pedro de Valdivia.
Thursday, October 10, 2019 08:45 hours.
Free activity.
Analyzing the legislative and institutional changes that will impact regional development since 2020, when the power transfer mechanism and the choice by direct vote of regional governors are initiated, will be the issues seminar “Decentralization and regional development: current situation and projections”, organized by the Santiago Unit of the University of Concepción, in collaboration with SOFOFA.
The Seminar will be led by the Rector of the University of Concepción, Dr. Carlos Saavedra, and by the President of SOFOFA, Mr. Bernardo Larraín, an activity that is part of the Cycle “Dialogues of the Present” of the COF Centennial. 
The day will begin with the presentation of the Undersecretary (S) for Regional Development, María Paz Troncoso, and then give way to the Panel: “Beyond the Election of Governors: New Competences, Coordination, Plans and Territorial Income”, which will be formed by Rafael Palacios, Director of Public Policy at SOFOFA; Francisco Chahuán, Senator for the Valparaiso Region; Natalia Piergentili, Member of the Technical Bureau of Decentralization and Esteban Valenzuela, academic at the University of Concepción and former President of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Decentralization.

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