translated from Spanish: The female «Red» beat Uruguay 3-1 in Rancagua

The Chilean women’s team defeated their uruguaylike like on Tuesday, in a friendly commitment played against a good crowd at the El Teniente Stadium in Rancagua.De this way, the squad led by José Letelier sal He won, 3-0, at the ‘Madán Becker’ Stadium in Temuco.Unlike the clash in Larau Arau, the ‘Celeste’ took advantage of the O’Higgins redoubt last Sunday. The national defender became entangled when the ball was pulled out from the bottom and this was taken advantage of by Wendy Carballo to beat Christiane Endler with a forehand attached to a pole. Already in the add-on, the ‘Red’ came out with a more offensive disposition and thanks to greater control of the spherical reached parity, by criminal launch. They threw María José Urrutia in the area and the referee did not hesitate to collect the maximum penalty. Midfielder Yanara Aedo stood in front of the ball at 53′ and sent his shot glued to a stick, while the Uruguayan goalist jumped the other way. In the 72nd minute the parity would break with the target of Francisca Lara, who took advantage of a center from the right of Urrutia to in the area and with the abdomen send the ball to the bottom of the rival bow. When the match was leaving, at 90+1′, Chile felt their triumph with a goal by Isabelle Kadzban, with a cross-right at the entrance of the area that overcame the resistance of the archer Josefina Villanueva.Now, the ‘Roja’ of Letelier will perform a tour of Asia to Australia, eighth in the FIFA women’s rankings, on 9 and 12 November. (The ‘Red’ is ranked 38th). Consign that the national team seeks in these friendly ones to fine-tune details for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics qualifying match that will play against an African cast.

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