translated from Spanish: Young students brutally beat Morelia trader

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that a senior trader who has his business in the portals of St. Augustine was brutally beaten by a group of young people who after attacking savagely escaped and witnesses the House of Student Isaac Arriaga Ledesma, located in this capital.

The above could be seen in the journalistic work. The event was on the corner of Corregidora and Abasolo streets in the Historic Center. Some witnesses to the facts claimed to the police that the assailants arrived at the place to buy dinner and at one point an argument arose because on the site, which is hamburger sales, there were no fries and in the end they beat the salesman, identified as «Don Manuel».

After attacking the merchant, the boys fled and broke into Student Isaac Arriaga’s House. The scenario generated a mobilization of the elements of the Tigre Private Security Group and also of the morelia Police staff, however in the end there were no arrests related to the case. The victim was seriously injured.
Some paramedics from Ambumed gave the aggrieved first aid. The situation generated the outrage of the Brown society for the actions of these boys and it is hoped that now with the investigations of the respective authorities the competent apprehensions will be made. Merchants on the portals of St. Augustine also demanded justice for their companion.
Definitive expulsion from the House if the aggressor is a dweller: in charge
The housemanagers of Student Isaac Arriaga Ledesma gave a press conference on Tuesday, in which they disbanded from the acts of violence committed against «Don Manuel» and stress that in case the aggressor is a dweller he will be permanently expelled of the place. They also detailed that the matter was already investigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and asked to clarify it, as they noted that the issue has been hit severely in their image because people labeled them as offenders without yet knowing the reality, since many, they said, were only they are dedicated to studying and are regular students. They emphasized that their House rejects any expression of violence.

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