translated from Spanish: Company innovates with 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper glass

The problem of garbage from the use of single-use plastics is a fact. That’s why Nestlé Professional – a division specialized in meeting consumption outside the home – decided to find a solution to this great environmental challenge.
It is the first recyclable and biodegradable paper cup in its class, an innovation that will have an impact on the generation of waste related to the consumption of coffee outside the home. A no less achievement since every year it is 50 million coffee glasses that the brand distributes for the more than eight thousand machines installed throughout the country. These, like most disposable cups, could not be recycled, until now.
“This launch is part of Nestlé’s challenge of bringing concretely to the ambition to remove single-use plastics and aligns with the commitment to transform all our packagins into recyclable or reusable by 2025,” explains Sandra Rivas, BEO Nestlé Professional.

The new paper cup is of national manufacture and was presented to more than 25 thousand professionals from the hotel industry, restaurants and cafeteria in the traditional Food&Service Space in early September.
The plan is to distribute it in points of sale such as kiosks, universities and clinics, among other spaces and thus initiate the total replacement of polypaper cups, which are made with a sheet of paper with polyethylene that makes it impervious to liquid substances, but that prevents it from being recyclable in Chile.
The new 100% paper cups contemplate a gradual change that in this first stage considers 10 million biodegradable and recyclable vessels.
Among its features, they stand out their manufacture with recyclable paper, which means that, after a rinsing, they can be deposited at any Clean Point. In addition, its composition allows it to be decomposed into natural elements by the action of biological agents within 6 to 12 months, depending on the environment and temperature where it is located.
On the other hand, this initiative is also part of the ambition of the Nescafé brand, in which the only way to make good coffee is with respect for the environment, which is maintained from the crop, to the consumer’s cup, under the message “Growth Respectfully” ( Cultivated with Respect).

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