translated from Spanish: The U repudiated sweepers’ threats to campus members, officials and leaders

The University of Chile club came to pass on Wednesday from the threats that the squad has received, leaders and officials of the collegial cast by blue box sweepers.
Through a statement, the institution stated that «we deeply reject this cowardly delict action, which will be reported to the relevant authorities for the initiation of the respective investigations».
«We repudiate any act that incites violence or hatred about our collaborators, players or managers. In this regard, the Club Universidad de Chile will take all necessary measures to safeguard the physical integrity of all,» he adds.
A source of the ‘U’ dealership recounted in this day that «people at the bar are threatening players, collaborators and board members by posting the numbers of our phones on social networks. In some photos they’ve sent, they mark some people and warn them to pay dearly if we go down.»
Faced with this, the blue store noted that «at a complex time, like the one we are sportingly living, what is most needed is the unity of the real ‘U’ fans, those who support unconditionally every week in any stadium in the country and not those who put in in or minority groups above those of the Institution.»

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