translated from Spanish: Gendarmerie postulated 15 DD rapists. Hh. for parole

On 7 October, Gendarmerie of Chile sent an office to the Constitutional Court (TC), which proposed that 15 convicted persons convicted of human rights violations should be able to access the benefit of parole. According to Radio Bío Bío, the document includes the former chief of operating of the CNI, Alvaro Corbalán, who currently serves the sentence of perpetual presidio for the murder of the carpenter Juan Alegría Mundaca (1984), to cover up the murder of the union leader Tucapel Jimenez (1982). In addition, Corbalán is serving another sentence for his participation in the assembly of the so-called Operation Albania, in which a montage was carried out that involved the death of 17 FPMR militants in Conchalí and San Miguel, without any of the deceased having the weapons to defend themselves. In the office of Gendarmerie also appears as a possible beneficiary Carlos Herrera Jiménez, material author of the crime of the trade union leader Tucapel Jiménez in 1982, and the murder of a DC leader in La Serena (1984) and executions in Pisagua, months after the coup military officer of 1973.Also appeared the former MILITANT PC, Miguel Estay Reyno, alias «El Fanta», recruited by the FACh Joint Command, and then by the Dicomcar (linked to Carabineros), the entity responsible for the murder of three communist party professionals (1985) , known as the «slit case». The office appears in an appeal filed with the TC by former CNI agent Rodrigo Pérez Martínez, who participated in Operation Albania with Corbalán, questioned that it was not included in the list submitted by Gendarmería.The lawyer of DDHH Francisco Bustos, party to the appeal before the TC, stated that «the nomination by the Gendarmerie must be more careful. If we think that convicted people like Alvaro Corbalán, only in 2017, he was sentenced to sentences totaling 22 years, this implies that he could have wrongly served the percentage of sentence required for the authority to rule on his behalf. The crimes of Lesa Humanity are inamnesty and imprescriptible, because they are reported in contexts where it is not possible to prosecute them», according to Radio Bío Bío.La Gendarmerie’s application will be evaluated by a group of magistrates and then will be resolved by the Seremi of Justice.

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