translated from Spanish: Fabián Orellana: “I think we’ll do very well in the Qualifiers”

Fabián Orellana, forward of the Spanish Eibar, declared himself confident in a good role of the Chilean national team in the Qualifiers of the 2022 World Cup, stating that “I see guys with great enthusiasm”. The ‘Historical’ comes from being a starter in the opaque tie against Colombia, in Alicante, and in the present day he was released by Reinaldo Rueda so that he can prepare in time the match of the ‘armero’ draw against FC Barcelona, to be played on Saturday, October 19. In dialogue with the official site of the ANFP, the trainee in Audax Italiano spoke of the present of the national combination in the face of a new South American Qualifiers.” I see it well, it’s my first call, I see a lot of youth, guys with a lot of enthusiasm. There’s the basis of what was going on for years and I think we’ll do very well,” he said. In addition, Orellana took the time to remember the goal of the ‘Roja’ triumph over Argentina, in 2009 at the Estadio Nacional, on the way to the 2010 South African World Cup.” It was a great moment because it was my first game as a starter in the adult ‘Red’, I concentrated with Emilio Hernández, we had a complicated night because of the nervousness of the debut, but it helped me quite a lot, it was difficult to play against Argentina. But everything went well, I was lucky enough to score the goal and have won, and that the Chileans could enjoy the first win against Argentina,” he said. Finally, the 33-year-old battering ram composed of the good present that runs through the Eibar. “It’s a very nice time that I’m having, the team is fine, it cost us a little bit at first, but we’re picking up the pace of what the coach wants and we’re getting things out, and I’m happy to take three goals,” he said.

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