translated from Spanish: The Avocado War, a series that portrays the reality of Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- Netflix’s Rotten documentary series in its second season dedicates the first to the product of avocado, under the name “The Avocado War”, which portrays the big problems facing the industry in the United States, Chile and Mexico.
According to the data handled in the documentary are 5 billion kilos of this product that are consumed worldwide a year, in Mexico the industry of this product also called “green gold” represents 2.5 billion annually.
The latter, details the documentary is the reason that avocado is even above human lives, as it has generated control of water, to the loss of freedom with kidnappings of producers and of life itself to obtain the monetary value of it.
An example to be taken into account is what happened in Chile in the Province of Petorca, where the lack of water is filled by trucks because they already or have the vital liquid, thanks to the crops of the avocado.
In Michoacán, organized crime is handled almost like a curse on the “green gold” industry, which are the top exporters of its neighboring United States.
The Municipality of Michoacano of Tancítaro, is portrayed as one of the main producers, where the Mexican state represents almost a third of all avocados consumed in the world, 1. 6 million tons a year.
Rotten recounts that as a result of the free trade agreement (FTA) and export growth, it led to an increase in organized crime generating violence and corruption in the Mexican state, in the 90’s “Michoacán agriculture and drug trafficking flourished together”.
One of the posters that flourished with the legal avocado industry, the documentary the “Gulf Poster” indicated, then came the “zetas”, where extortion and kidnapping intensified. After a failed war against organized crime in 2006, criminal groups fragmented, where others took the place of the former such as the “Michoacanfamily Family”, and “The Knights Templar”, until reaching the self-defense groups .

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