translated from Spanish: AMLO in Sinaloa, messages and signals

The president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, had a successful tour of Sinaloa. On Friday he started in Mazatlan with a visit to the IMSS Rural Hospital in Villa Unión, and in the afternoon reopened the Algodoneros stadium, fulfilling the promise of returning baseball to Guasave.
On Saturday closed with a brooch, prior to his visit to the Rural Hospital of El Fuerte, López Obrador had breakfast in a hotel in Los Mochis with the executive president of the newspaper EL DEBATE, Javier Salido, with Governor Quirino Ordaz and agricultural producer Guillermo Aguirre .
With this meeting it is clear that friendship is strengthened, and the president of Mexico has great confidence in the group of entrepreneurs and the state representative. By the way, the main theme was sinaloa’s agriculture.
In a punctual note from this publishing house they point out that President López Obrador told businessmen and Governor Sinaloense that he has extraordinary interest in the food self-sufficiency of maize, rice and wheat.
In addition, they comment that the national executive is clear that they will be competitive in price, which he sees as a food safety issue, so he proposes to do so through development banking with less interest for these grains.
It is definitely a great sign that President López Obrador has openness and closeness to business groups of the state, shows his interest in Sinaloa, another ingredient is the closeness with the governor. So it leaves a very good message the presidential tour for the entity. Earrings.
Assemblies. Last Saturday, assemblies were held to elect Morena’s counselors in the seven federal districts. As we kept in front of us, forces were to be measured, and so it was, with the exception of Los Mochis, in the rest the process was calm and with great participation.
As for Culiacan, in District 5, those who were elected to councillors were: Carlos Rea, with 53 votes; Cyril Celias, with 49; Enrique Ramirez, 40; Jesus Estrada, with 37, and Horacio Orduño, with 34.
While in the election of counselors of the same district the result was as follows: Merary Villegas, with 60 votes; Maricruz Maldonado, with 51; María Inés Pérez, with 50; Ana María Maldonado, with 38, and María de los Angeles González, with 36.
Also, in District 7 of the state capital the elected directors are Eruviel Avilés, with 77 votes; Antonio Medrano, 46; José Guadalupe Quintero, with 38; Rodolfo Herrera, with 37, and Alonso Ramirez, with 35.
The election of the counselors of the Seventh District is headed by Nayeli Pérez, with 58 votes; followed by Nora Felix, with 52; Olga Olivia Zazueta, with 46; Isabel Luna, with 43, and Juana Amador Jacobo, with 42.
The forecasts were met: Cirilo Celis, Alonso Ramírez, María Inés Pérez and Merary Villegas managed to be advisors, although in the case of the federal member there is controversy over the license, so, pending.
The next step will be the election of Morena’s new state leader, the requirement is to be a counselor, so of these lists he could be, as far as Merary Villegas is concerned he has not fallen out of his aspirations after making them public some time ago during a pr wheel Ensa.
Maria Inés Pérez has also made public her aspirations for the state leadership; and who should not be ruled out is the young Alonso Ramirez, who has been very active. Both are backed by militancy and are strong cards. So keep an eye on them.
Political memory. «Power is not a means, but an end in itself»: George Orwell.

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