translated from Spanish: They stabbed a paedophile who abused more than 200 children and posted their videos

London.- A paedophile who had been imprisoned for committing a series of crimes of sexual abuse of children in Malaysia, was stabbed to be stabbed inside his cell. Richard Huckle, 33, went on to abuse more than 200 children posing as a volunteer worker to cajole minors. Disclosed child pronography on the Deep Web
The British paedophile who ended up in a prison in York, England in 2016, was found more than 20,000 photographs and videos on his computer.

In these pornographic videos and photos, he was seen committing abuses with children between six months and 12 years old, and shared them with a network of paedophiles from around the world through the Deep Web (dark internet). The paedophile was reportedly assaulted in his cell last Sunday at Full Sutton Jail in the course of an incident that the officers treated as «suspect.» The ‘Paedophile’s Manual’, the author: Huckle
Researchers found that at the time of his arrest, in 2014, Huckle, who worked as a freelance photographer, was developing a «paedophile manual» that he planned to disclose online. At the trial where he was sentenced to 22 life sentences, he revealed that he has abused the children since 2006, pleading guilty to 71 counts of sexual abuse against minors. At the end of the court proceedings, Judge Peter Rook claimed that Huckle’s sentence was a reflection of the «public abomination» that his «campaign» of rapes entailed.

It is very rare for a judge to have to sentence sexual offenses committed by a single person of such magnitude

The magistrate took aim. The man, who presented himself as a practicing Christian and visited Malaysia for the first time when he was 18 or 19 years old, was arrested at the British airport of Gatwick by National Crime Agency personnel in December 2014, after receiving a notice of the Australian authorities.

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