translated from Spanish: Federal government to support Aguililla ambush investigation

Mexico.- The federal government supports the authorities of the state of Michoacán in the investigation into the murder of 14 state troopers on Monday, without political or ideological considerations, the Secretary of Security and Protection said on Tuesday Citizen, Alfonso Durazo.At the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), Durazo indicated that the Government of Michoacán conducts the investigation of the ambush in which local police died “with the full support of the Government federal.”

We have made a commitment that has been fulfilled to the bottom of the letter: public safety is a space of political neutrality, the secretary said.

He said the relationship with state governors is “extraordinary” and is stripped “of any ingredient of a political or ideological nature.”

During the morning conference, I stated that the ambush of state troopers is directly attended by the @SSPCMexico in coordination with the state government. The @GobiernoMX remains committed to providing security and transparent investigations. — Olga Sánchez Cordero (@M_OlgaSCordero)
October 15, 2019

The governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), declared on Monday that this attack, which occurred in the municipality of Aguililla, will not go unpunished and deplore the lack of coordination of the federal, state and security areas Municipal. The State Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the investigations, collected various evidence in the area of the attack on five vehicles of the State Police, where cartullins with missives were found in which the Jalisco New Generation Cartel attributed the attack and warned of further attacks on security forces. In this regard, Durazo on Tuesday insisted at a press conference on good coordination with state authorities and stressed that the National Guard already operates in Michoacán, although he acknowledged that the municipal authorities do not agree on it.
The municipality does not agree; has not signed a collaboration agreement with the State Government. The municipality can make the decision that best suits it from its perspective, the official said.

However, he added, the federal government’s view is that “coordination and a single (police) command add effectiveness to the work of law enforcement.” On the occasion, the head of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), Luis Cresencio Sandoval, noted that since Monday the entire security cabinet is attending the case of Aguililla.
“Yesterday by the Silk was reconditioned the device that is there in Michoacán. 80 men moved to the area where the ambush was, and also a helicopter is in that area looking for or doing reconnaissance,” he said. It also noted that “other entities or units in the security cabinet are also putting in effect.” For his part, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who left the PRD to found his National Regeneration Movement (Morena), noted that his Administration is helping the state authorities.
We’re going to stick to our strategy, and I’m optimistic. I think we are going to achieve peace in the country, that we are going to make sure that these violent events do not happen. It’s a process and we’re moving forward with a lot of firmness, he said.

He stressed that “the causes of this social breakdown” will be addressed.” It is very important for us that there is well-being, that peace can be achieved with justice,” he stressed. He noted that he has not heard states feel “alone” in the fight against insecurity, responding to a journalist’s questioning.” We work every day (to address the problem of insecurity). I wish there would be more progress, but (previous governments) let the problem grow a lot and there were wrong strategies, wanting to face violence with violence,” he said. He added that now, in his Government, it is not possible to “justice or massacre” as it was before.

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