translated from Spanish: Lorenzo Reyes does not forget the U: “I’m sure they’re going to get out of that position on the board, because they have a good team”

The Chilean midfielder and selection, Lorenzo Reyes, left U in mid-2018, just before the crisis, departed for the Atlas of Mexico and, had a complicated start when in January, in the match against Pumas he suffered the rupture of the achilles tendon right and had a long rec uperation.
He is currently integrated into the Mexican squad and regaining his football level. He claims that he is happy, adapted to the new city, and that he follows every match of Universidad de Chile, which is beaten week by week, trying to get out of the relegation zone. He regrets the poor results, which today have the U as an exclusive colist, but puts the chips in his former teammates.
Do you follow Chilean football?

I always watch football games, I try to see most of them, but the truth is that the ones I don’t miss are never those of the U and the Huachipato. It’s a shame what the U is going through, but I’m sure they’re going to get out of that position on the board, because they have a good team. Obviously when the matches happen and you lose and you lose and you lose, you lose confidence. Especially in a club like University of Chile, because the pressure is a lot for the team it is. But I’m confident they’re going to stay first.
How has your stay in Mexico been?

I’ve always felt very good, very comfortable. Very comfortable in the team, my family has adapted well. Maybe it was difficult because with the team we didn’t get results we wanted, until the day of the injury that did hit me really hard. I was very confident, I was feeling very well footballing, being considered in the national team. So the injury was very difficult. But that’s in the past, I’m already getting my level back.
Are you excited about any calls to the National Team in the next calls?

I’m very excited to be back in the team, but now my priority is to get back to the level I had before I got injured. There I felt very good, with a lot of confidence, I feel that I am still not very well, at my best as when I came back from the selection. I can be much better. I’m working to make that happen and I’m sure I’ll be back there in the team.
Do you have any relationship with the other Chilean players who are in Mexico. Meet?

The truth is, With Martin Rodriguez, I have a very good relationship. I’ve known him a long time, from when we were playing in Huachipato. So we have a closer relationship. I also talk from time to time with Angelo Sagal, with Diego Valdés, but to get together, not much of the truth. We’ve never got together, because the cities are so far away. But the times we’ve gone to the team, it’s the ones I talk to the most and i’m getting along best with.

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