translated from Spanish: They highlight the importance of scientific education

Sinaloa.- Dr. Rosalba Trinidad Chávez Moreno and Karina Rosaura Bernal Ibarra, full-time teachers from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Unidad Regional de El Fuerte, call for an understanding of the importance of scientific education in the higher education institutions, as this strengthens the training of quality learning in young university students and is an essential part of the backbone of their curricula and curricula. The professors emphasize that during university training the student is taking subjects with a research approach that allow him to start in the field of science, knowing the importance of in-depth observation, allowing him to identify the problematization of a subject to be investigated, as well as the importance of documentary sustainability of a theoretical-scientific nature. 

At this stage, the student expands his knowledge of the subject to be investigated; He also knows the importance of subpoena systems, then knows and elaborates the methodological part, in order to carry out field research; reading the steps is practical and simple; however, in practice, the student experiences stress, apathy, anger and rejection by the scientific method, in the absence of an academic training with a focus on science. Link
The Autonomous University of the West, concerned and busy in the training of its students, in its plans and curricula contemplates the areas of scientific research; also, by initiative in mid-1995, it was supported by the Mexican Academy of AC Sciences and the Universities of Guadalajara, Autonomous Chiapas, Autonomous City of Juárez, the Technological Institutes of Mazatlan, Culiacan and the Centro de Scientific Research and Higher Education Of Ensenada the Dolphin program, which aims to «strengthen the culture of collaboration between the Institutions of Higher Education and Research Centers belonging to the Program, through mobility of professors-researchers, students and the dissemination of scientific and technological products.» Through this connection as academics of the El Fuerte Regional Unit, for seven consecutive years teachers have had the opportunity to be part of the catalog of Dolphin researchers, experience that fills them with satisfaction and pride lynx, to receive every summer young summers interested in scientific research and thereby contribute to the academic strengthening of their alma mater.

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