translated from Spanish: [ACTUALIZADA] Metro will be suspended all weekend

This Friday, the massive evasions that the students in the Santiago Metro led the company to decide to suspend the service on its lines, but not only for this day.
Finally, after 8:30 p.m., the company reported that the suspension will be extended throughout the weekend.
«The whole network will be closed this Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th. This measure has been taken by the serious destruction that prevents the minimum operating conditions,» the company said.
The company added that «we will do the necessary work and evaluate the conditions under which the service would be retaken on Monday 21st.»
Suspensions on this Fury Friday began after 15 hours, when the cut on lines 1 and 2 was first reported, and part of Line 3 product of dismantch and destruction inside.
Via Twitter, Metro said these lines are «suspended with closed stations and no train service caused by protesters preventing minimum security conditions for passengers and workers.»
Something similar tweeted the Union of Professionals and Technicians of the Metro, who accompanied the tweet with a video at Currency station, where protesters threw a screen at the tracks, causing an explosion.
«It has been decided to close trade on lines 1 and 2 of @metrodesantiago Minimum security conditions for our company does not exist,» they say.
They then add that «it got out of the @GobiernodeChile’s hands, which keeps looking at this superficially, and not from the background. #MetroMoneda».
During the afternoon, the Metro updated the information and suspended service on Line 6 for the same reasons.
Subsequently, at 7 p.m., Metro reported that, except for line 5, all the others were closed.
But just as Transport Minister Gloria Hutt, Metro updated, stating that «the entire Metro network is closed by riots and destruction that prevent the minimum safety conditions for passengers and workers.»
After 20:30 the decision to extend the entire network throughout the weekend was reported.

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