translated from Spanish: Congress urges Federation to strengthen security in Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán.- After the tragedy recorded in the municipality of Aguililla, in which 13 elements of the Michoacán police lost their lives in fulfillment of their duty and others were injured, Deputy Humberto González Villagómez presented a point of agreement urging the Holder of the Federal Executive, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to instruct the Secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection Francisco Alfonso Durazo Montaño to order the National Guard to deploy his operations in Michoacán, which was approved by the Plenary of the LXXIV Legislature of the State Congress.
Following what happened in the municipalities of Tepalcatepec, Uruapan and Aguililla, the legislator proposed to demand greater presence of federal elements in the entity, as well as coordination between the authorities of the various levels of government, to contribute to the the generation and preservation of public order and social peace in the entity.
On a proposal from the chairman of the Committee on Public Security and Civil Protection in the LXXIV Legislature, the Local Congresses of the Thirty-one Federal Entities were also called upon to join this proposal and, from their grandstands, in unison, raise their voices , to urgently demand that the relevant federal, state and municipal authorities develop strategies in conjunction with those seeking social peace and the restoration of public order.
The point of agreement proposed by Humberto González further calls for the municipal authorities of Michoacán, which are not yet working in coordination with the State Government on public security issues, to sign the collaboration agreement on the matter and to sign the collaboration agreement on the matter seek joint strategies to help prevent crime and violence.
In the cases of municipalities that have already signed the collaboration agreement, they are encouraged to approach with the authorities of the State Government and to join ties to strengthen collaboration on public security issues according to the needs municipality.
Humberto González stated that the national strategy should include states and municipalities to ensure security and effectively combat crime, and that the formation of public security institutions requires the integration of different profiles, “as the Federal Executive said that we require disputing from the military police, the armed forces, the best profiles of the federal police, and thus, together, make a National Guard, efficient and with sufficient resources both executive and strategic.”
That is why, in order to safeguard the strength of our institutions, the application of the law and the security of our citizens, reiterated that greater presence of elements of the National Guard is required in Michoacán and that the fight is prioritized insecurity as a priority on the national agenda.
He reiterated that the priority beyond those who rule in the states and municipalities should be the peace and security of society, so he called for closing ranks and working together and coordinating to generate a better present for all.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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