translated from Spanish: The complex state of health that Adriana Barrientos is going through

Model Adriana Barrientos guest participated in the TVN late, «Don’t blame the night», where she revealed the complicated moment she lives for her health. The «Leona» said that «last year I went to the audiologist because I had to get my tonsils out. When I was in the operation, they realized that my vocal cords weren’t right, that they had a more or less large ball. That little ball is called a tumor.» He also detailed that when a biopsy was performed he was told that the tumor was not going to grow anymore, but he was not.» About my birthday, I realized my throat started to hurt a lot. I spoke loudly, for example, and my throat hurt a lot. I went to see the doctor, and unfortunately the little ball had grown,» he revealed. Barrientos had to undergo radiation that as usual carries side effects such as hair loss and dental parts and assured that «I didn’t drop my teeth, but I got some cavities.» I called my friend, who’s also a hairdresser. I tell him I’m dropping the extensions and I couldn’t bear to see me peely. He pulled the extensions very carefully so that my hair didn’t fall out of my head, the little hair I had left,» he added. Finally, the «Leona» confessed that her situation is not very encouraging because «if you take this away from me, it will come out again. The lump is irreversible.»

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