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United States.- In recent days the ‘Parlanchín Mercenary’ has given something to talk about mainly because of the fact that it could be closer to joining the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and this Friday the rumors have increased further. A few hours ago they leaked the release date of ‘Deadpool 3’.
 The charismatic comic book character has a slightly murky future in cinema, because after Disney’s purchase of FOX, it is unknown how Deadpool, being an adult saga, will fit into the MCU, which is focused on the whole family.
 But apparently his path is becoming more and more illuminated, as on October 14th Ryan Reynolds, protagonist and producer of the first two installments of the antihero, shared on his social networks a photograph at Marvel Studios, so it could mean that he was are doing negotiations.
Now, this Friday, October 18 sources near the ‘House of Ideas’ leaked the release date of ‘Deadpool 3’ which will be in 2022.
This would mean that Wade Wilson (aka the protagonist) would arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for its phase 5, as in 2021 the phase 4 is completed with the premiere of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.
The source also informed We Got This Covered that the official announcement of the mercenary’s inclusion to the MCU will possibly be at the end of October.
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