translated from Spanish: President Piñera: «We are at war against a powerful enemy»

This Sunday President Sebastián Piñera referred to the situation in the country, following serious unrest in different cities during the last few days, which has generated the decree of a state of emergency in several cities, including the Metropolitan Region.The representative assured tonight that «we are at war with a powerful and relentless enemy that respects nothing and no one (…) Tomorrow Monday won’t be an easy day but we’ve made a huge effort to get everything back to normal.» In the same vein, he argued that «we’re going to have a difficult day, we are very aware that they have a degree of organization and logistics typical of a criminal organization.» I ask all Chileans to join in this battle (…) we are all responsible for contributing to the triumph of democracy, freedom, the rule of law,» he added. The head of state kept the same tone and assured that «we know perfectly well what they are planning for tomorrow (…) we’re going to defeat the violent is and we’re going to get the country back in peace.» Piñera sentenced the attack on the Metro, public transport buses and supermarkets, ruling that they have even «tried to burn hospitals.» He also noted that «as of tomorrow, we expect the situation to become normalized,» adding that «I feel as my own the pain you are experiencing, here is a government and Armed Forces committed to you.» Finally, the representative highlighted the work of the FF.AA. and the police, reiterating his call to all political and social sectors to unite to overcome the complex moment that the country lives

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