translated from Spanish: Cubillos asked schools to open to deliver Junaeb food

Education Minister Marcela Cubillos reported that at least six academic institutions have been shattered after the last days of protest. Two of them would have been set on fire. The Secretary of State, in conjunction with other sectoral ministers, noted at a press point that higher education institutions have so far suspended classes during the day. Cubillos stated that of 11,429 schools, 5,684 are without classes, the latter mostly belong to the Metropolitan Region, Antofagasta, O’Higgins and Biobío.He also called on mayors to open the municipal schools so that students can access to the Junaeb Food Scholarship. On the balance sheet of the schools affected, the head of Education stated that 20 precincts have been damaged, two of them on fire.» It hurts to see powers that had to shelter their own schools,» he said of civil groups that have gathered in front of educational venues, residences or supermarkets, to anticipate that they will not be destroyed. Finally, the minister indicated that during the afternoon it will be reported in which educational establishments are resumed classes and in which they remain suspended.

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