translated from Spanish: Chileans abroad also show up

Chile’s embassies in different parts of the world have been the meetinghouse for compatriots who have wanted to join demonstrations abroad. For example, in France a group filled the facade of the embassy with banners in rejection of the government of President Sebastián Piñera and there were also slogans against the State of Emergency decreed in our country. «Paris Embassy in Shot,» says yellow letters on a white canvas displayed at the entrance of the installation. Another, which they put on the door said «State of Exception equals legal dictatorship». In London more than a hundred people gathered, he told I’m ChileMariano Zúñiga, based in that city, were only guarded by four policemen and the demonstration was held peacefully. «There was a lot of saucepan and andean music. Anti-Piñera slogans were said and there were students, exiles and their descendants,» he added. In Germany there were also Chileans who met at Cologne Cathedral and are scheduled for a new demonstration for Wednesday at 17:00 (12:00 from Chile). «People want to make conflict more visitized. There is little information about Chile here. It was a totally peaceful demonstration. Yesterday’s was without authorization, but by Wednesday the permit is being managed,» said Felipe Gómez, based in that country. «There were students, people who have been here for years and they are all super attentive to what is happening (in Chile),» he added.

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