translated from Spanish: Farmers reject water tax increase in Sonora

Obregón, Sonora.- The farmers of the Yaqui valley demanded the deputy of brunette, Javier Lamarque Cano, to propose an initiative that involves an increase in the collection of water duties, which, already, was turned over to the Senate.During a press conference, one of the present took the opportunity to question the Member about the initiative, with great indignation he asks: «What have we, the producers, done to you? Why that hate? Why that hatred against us?»
According to information from the Yaqui Irrigation District (DRRY), if the new vital liquid tax would be approved, from 2020 3,495 pesos per hectare would be paid, this represents a 10% increase in extraction fees for every thousand cubic metre of agu a. In addition, collections would continue to increase annually until 2029 and will have an extraction limit of 216 thousand 365 cubic meters. This represents an increase in the costs of producing the field, and thus a heavy blow to farmers who are calling on the Member to represent them. «Do something for us, you’re always ignoring us,» they claim.
«Practically we would be left out of schemes, utilities, we are struggling for resources and it turns out that we get a stronger blow, and more sadness that is from a deputy from this region,» says José Miguel Anzaldo Olea

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