translated from Spanish: FGR lied about my home, accuses Robles

Through a letter addressed to the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz, former secretary Rosario Robles denied using a false license or lying about the address of her address, and requested the replacement of the proceedings against her for alleged alleged irregularities committed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
In the missive released by his daughter, Robles asked the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to consider in the proceedings against him the fact that the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) managed to have him linked to the process with an allegedly forged license , showing an address that you do not recognize as your selves.
The former owner of the Sedesol and the Sedatu ensured that its domicile has been, for years, the one located in Los Reyes, Coyoacán, where even, he said, has been President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as workers of the Secretariat of the Civil Service, who came to notify her of the proceedings against her.
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«That’s where my daughter Mariana grew up, and I proved that with deeds, voter’s credential, passport, phone and light receipt,» she said.
For this reason, Rosario Robles accused the Public Prosecutor’s Office of lying about the documents presented to judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo Padierna, who said, should be prevented from judging her «by her kinship with a person who calls himself my adversary».
«Who lied was the MP and I think he should be concerned, especially when we’re talking about the transformation of the country,» he said.
The former secretary expressed to the prosecutor Gertz Manero her request that, in her case, «justice prevail and do not attempt to unlawfully reinstate me inventing other crimes», and recalled that Judge Ricardo Pérez Calderón considered that his detention has violated his rights human rights, so he called for the replacement of the process.
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«I will soon attend the hearing, even knowing that the judge has a personal interest, but that Judge Pérez Calderón’s arguments are blunt and sacred lyrics for those of us who believe in the rule of law,» he concluded.

Hello. I am @Mariana_Moguel and through my mom’s networks I want to share a copy of a letter that this morning sends @Rosario_Robles_ to the @FGRMexico owner Alejandro Gertz Manero
— Rosario Robles (@Rosario_Robles_) October 22, 2019

This Tuesday at 16:00 hours will be held the hearing in which it will determine whether Rosario Robles will remain on remand, as a result of the appeal filed by the defense of Rosario Robles.
According to the FGR, the measure is justified and must be maintained because there is a risk of the ex-worker from escarising, and because it allegedly lied about its domicile.
This is because, as provided for in Article 168 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, the falsity of an accused, in pointing out his domicile, constitutes a presumption of risk of escape, therefore justified pre-trial detention is proceeding,» the person said Prosecution.
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