translated from Spanish: From the “supermarket list” to the “awesome” ad: the different looks at Piñera’s speech

It was not over to finish the speech of Sebastián Piñera and the reactions have already begun from the political world. From the opposition the ad was classified as “a supermarket list”, they complained that the model does not change”, while in officialism they classified the advertisements of the Mansion as “awesome” and “powerful”.
In the midst of this dispute, from the DC there were signs of satisfaction, and this was plotted by the deputy Matías Walker, who stressed that “dc, PPD and PR proposals were accepted today in La Moneda: 20% adjustment to solidarity pillar in pensions, greater subsidy to over 75 , guaranteed minimum wage of 350 thousand, allowance reduction, plus taxes on + rich.”
Independent Pepe Auth, who was in the eye of the hurricane a week ago for his refusal to support the constitutional indictment against Minister Marcela Cubillos, valued the speech, although he admitted that “doubts remain, will be cleared in the coming days. I hope now the necessary and long-awaited cabinet change comes.”
On the PC, Mr Daniel Núñez pointed to other absences from Piñera’s speech. “No democratizing water, except about 40 hours and New Constitution. Once again Piñera is indebted.” Meanwhile, MR. DR Miguel Crispi put the focus on health debts. “Government insists with more of the same. Discounts in pharmacies, instead of guaranteeing coverage and betting on pricing. Insurance to be cared for in clinics, with high copayments. The health of #Chile requires structural reform to be a right!”
Mr. Gabriel Boric, meanwhile, called for a “structural change”, which was absent in Piñera’s speech. “The Chilean people ran the fence of the possible. I think what we need to understand now is that unrest is solved not only by measures of social assistance (which are also necessary), but with structural transformations. And that requires deeper social dialogue,” he said.
From the right, it was all applause. What Piñera offered is “awesome,” analyst Sergio Melnick stressed, while UDI Senator Ivan Moreira said the ads are “powerful.”
In turn, Justice Minister Hernán Larraín stressed that his superior “is played for a #NuevaAgendaSocial which means hearing from people who urgently ask for resolution to their concerns. With humility and conviction, after listening to social, political and institutional sectors, he calls for a path of unity.”
Cecilia Perez, meanwhile, valued the presidential mea culpa. “Inequity and abuse are a social debt that different governments were not able to recognize and take on. Today the President @sebastianpinera asks for forgiveness and presents a solid #NuevaAgendaSocial. Concrete actions and actions to help Chile begin to regain hope and social peace,” she said.

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