translated from Spanish: Leticia Calderón reveals sneaky encounters with Juan Collado

Leticia Calderón made surprising confessions, like never before, about Juan Collado in an interview for the program Despierta América of the Univision network. The actress claims to have had meetings with the father of her children in secret of Yadhira Carrillo, wife of the aforementioned lawyer who is in the North Recluso of the CDMX for alleged organized crime and resources of illicit origin. The actress recalled when the father of her children, Juan Collado, abandoned her regardless of the state she was in after an operation, she also told that at the time of his detached and that he had married the actress Yadhira Carrillo , held several sneaky encounters.

Juan Collado arrived at the home of Leticia Calderón under the pretext of seeing his children Carlos and Luciano, a visit that lasted for several hours.
I’d get to see the kids at 10 o’t at night with a bottle of wine and we’d finish it, and we’d check out and talk about everything.

«After all the scandal and how things turned out, within a few months I was having dinner at my house, I would have dinner at the house very often and sometimes I feel like I felt like talking, i don’t know what, but a lot of times I would come up with the bottle , with the wine, quesito and we talked for hours and hours, at three, four, five in the morning, once I said ‘already, I have to go take the kids to school, go away’,» Leticia Calderón said.

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