translated from Spanish: Military attacks civilians and journalists attack in Chile

Santiago de Chile.- After demonstrations, sinister transports, rants and fires, measures to restore social order have hardened, to the point that the curfew was attempted to undermine the integrity of civilians and attacks on journalists. Such is the case of Jero Mura, who report via Twitter the outrage suffered at the hands of soldiers, while covering the protests against the repression at the Chilean consulate. The journalist points out that in addition to breaking their equipment, they beat the head of the cameraman, Fabio Soria, until they opened it.

Mura, assures that his team was not the only one to be attacked.

#AHORA At the Chilean consulate, those protesting against «repression» attacked all the journalists and media present. To Fabio Soria, my cameraman had his head cut off and our teams broke. The one lying is Ernesto Medina of Chrónica TV. — Jero Mura (@jeromura)
October 21, 2019

Other cases
Social media has abound videos of the ravages and repressions that are afflicting Chilean society. In some, a young man is seen running through the streets with a senior lord to drive him away from the area where they are throwing tear gas.
While in others soldiers are seen firing at civilians afterwards, something inconceivable in many nations.

Nevertheless, citizens continue to defy the curfew, going out at night in apparent peaceful demonstrations in which he sings to chorus «Chile awoke» and call for the resignation of President Sebastián Piñeda, in addition to the end of social inequality. It should be remembered that the demonstrations began by a rise in the price of public transport, however this was cancelled in a short time. But, social discontent continues because health and education systems are almost inaccessible to much of the population.
The demonstrations that originated in the capital, Santiago, were already understood in the interior of the republic.

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