translated from Spanish: The Priority in Citizen Movement are the causes of citizens, not the profiles: Says Luis Manuel Antúnez

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement the Citizen Movement informs that it prioritizes projects and citizen causes over the names or profiles of potential candidates.
National Delegate in Michoacán, Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo stresses that they continue to build a citizen agenda, to defend themselves in the 2021 electoral process.
In this sense, he pointed out that in other political forces various political actors are desperate to appear in their claim to seek to be considered as possible candidates and this is generating deep attrition.
While, Antúnez Oviedo said, the aspirations that various political actors may have are respectable, they have forgotten the main and fundamental reason for doing politics, which is to build solutions and alternatives so that we can overcome the difficulties that we have been inherited by the bad rulers.

«At Movimiento Ciudadano our priority is that we all build a solid, strong project with a clear agenda where the causes of citizens are the guiding axis,» the National Delegate said.

For this reason, they have decided to open spaces in various parts of the state so that citizens can gather, organize, and appropriate the places that correspond to them so that they can advance the citizens’ agenda, he emphasized.
Here, it exemplifies the efforts that have been promoted as in the newly inaugurated of the Zacapu Citizen House, where citizens committed to their municipality and state have been integrated.
It also highlights the strengthening of the Citizen House of Morelia, where last week the members of the Municipal Operational Commission took up protest, and that will serve to make the vehicle that is this political project serve to follow up on the problems that citizens face, explained the National Delegate.
Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo pointed out that more and more citizens are approaching Movimiento Ciudadano and that in the coming days more Citizen Houses will be inaugurated that will serve to strengthen and consolidate this project.
«To emphasize that in Citizen Movement the most important thing is the project, the citizen causes, not the profiles, that is why we emphasize that our movement will grow more and more, because an idea is stronger than a person, and on this we are focused on,» he added.

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