translated from Spanish: Broad Front proposed raising the minimum wage to 420 thousand pesos and lowering basic service rates

On Tuesday afternoon, the Broad Front delivered the «No More Abuses» proposal in La Moneda, with which they consider the social crisis that has been going through Chile for days. First, opponents demanded from President Sebastián Piñera, «soon a plan of demilitarization of Chile, restoring the rights that the Constitution and international treaties guarantee», to give way to the fulfillment of what they propose. Leaders are made available to «take charge of the substantive demands of citizens,» and therefore propose:1. Immediate increase in the pensions of current pensions so that none live below the poverty line.2. Decrease in the parliamentary allowance, so they recommend processing the project where an upper limit is set 20 minimum wages or the OECD average.3. Lower electricity and transportation rates, with the exception of the payment of tickets for students and the elderly, through a bill.4. To process and urgency the bill No. 11.179-13 that reduces working hours to 40 hours by amending the Labour Code in the relevant rules. Put on the voting table on Thursday, October 24, 2019.5. Increase since March 2020 the minimum wage to 420 thousand pesos «so that no working family lives below the poverty line.»6 Immediately enter the drug project II, where the powers are established for the health authority to establish a price control system that ensures remedies for all at fair and dignified prices.7. Democratize water by «ensuring its access as a human right through amendments to the Draft Constitutional Reform that suppresses the text on ownership over water and enshrines the human right to water.»8. To backtrack on tax reintegration that «favors the super-rich set out in the tax modernization bill and means less revenue of $640 million.»9 Finally, they propose «opening a dialogue table with all social and political forces in order to provide effective and structural solutions in the medium and long term in the face of citizen demands, especially those that represent the serious situation of inequality, poverty and environmental crisis in Chile, and thus alleviate the economy of Chilean families and improve their quality of life, such as deeper changes to the water code and its recognition as a human right, the pension system and the system health care.» Considering the current situation in the country and how urgent it is to respond to the substantive demands that have been raised, the government must submit bills, emergencies and withdrawals from projects that take care of the pu mentioned,» they concluded.

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