translated from Spanish: Burning the institutions THE DEBATE

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urgently requires someone on his team to be valued, soaked in institutional ethics and at the risk of being sent to the freezer, on the contrary, he has to help him, help his government, and help the country. You have to ask him to stop talking about the good he did in Culiacan and get away from the security issue altogether, leaving his collaborators to manage the crisis he is in, and disappear from the press conferences to the secretaries of Defense and Mari General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, and Admiral Rafael Ojeda. In the first case, if it does not emerge from the crisis, the crisis will devour it; in the second, he will continue to mistreat his image and with it, that of the institution. The Armed Forces are the best we’ve got. Thanks to the social work developed for decades, the Army remains high in good citizen perception, while the Navy, for the success of its special operations, is highly recognized. For several years, people with renown within Morena, some very close to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, devoted themselves to destroying the institution from the abuses, excesses or corruptions committed by the military of different ranks, without distinguish between people and the institution. Attempts at demolition have been defeated so far, when through the back door, the president is rekindling the debate. That the two military chiefs appear regularly in the messages of defeat, though the rhetoric purports to be victory, with speeches that are defensive and with vitriolic statements against previous governments, with no glimofing of actual self-criticism about what they did and ceased to do in this government, it is automatically associating the Army and Navy with the soners committed by the civilians, when, in the case of the soldiers, they obeyed the orders of the only one who can give it to them, the supreme commander of the Forces Armed Forces, who is the President of the Republic.General Sandoval has said from the outset that the strategy pursued in Culiacan last Thursday did not have the consensus of the security cabinet. It can be argued that the military was the ones who were against the strategy, but they obeyed what the president commanded. This break within the security cabinet, never exposed by one of those affected, had the aftermath of the dissemination of two videos of the Ministry of Defense, in which they make it clear that the military fulfilled their mission. Therefore, those who did not complete it – delivering the captured, Ovidio Guzmán López to the DEA – were the civilians. The internal rupture should worry the president, who on Monday recognized the Army, but forgot to do the same with the National Guard, which is not supposed to be military but civilian, who was officially responsible for Guzman Lopez’s capture operation, and had casualties . General Sandoval must be facing the pressures of some of his predecessors, who received the intramural complaints of their generals because they felt that civilian power was discrediting the Army. By forcing him to participate in press conferences, discredit and wear takes over directly from him, as is the case with Admiral Ojeda, who although he belongs to the security cabinet, did not have a role in the Culiacan operation. In his case, he received all the shrapnel from the public even though he also did not agree with what the civilians did, thus hurting the institution. If the president wants to shield the Armed Forces, he must stop using his bosses as spokesmen who are playing the unacceptable fuse role. López Obrador confuses transparency of information with the person who must take on the task of informing. It’s a basic mistake what you’re doing. To problemize its consequences to the extreme, it would have to cease the two military personnel because of the failed operation in Culiacán, because not doing so, as with the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Alfonso Durazo, will grow as an infection that rots the Leg. The president has allowed the failure of the operation, in terms of results, to fall directly on it, and secondly to them. Your verbal incontinence, which has a way out of your mornings, must also stop. Safety is the issue where no leader should intervene because it is a bomb with the fuse on. Any major advances that are made, the murder of a passerby who wanted to prevent it from being stolen, for example, hides the relevant. The president must be above all because he’s never mistaken publicly. That’s what your subalterns are for, and their subalterns, which are the fuses that burn first. But if the president takes on the voice and accountability of the bad, he himself cancels out the dampers and gets caught up. He abuses his popularity and empathy with people, but he has limits. Security is the first turning point and López Obrador cannot continue to extend the Christian magic of his word. Reality rammed him in Culiacan, and he can’t keep denying it and looking for reality to change because he doesn’t plan to do it. Foolishness has not been a good counselor throughout her political career, although in 2018 the reality of the country was aligned with the reality she had been predicting for 18 years. He will not change naturally, so he needs anyone within his environment to take the initiative and rescue him, his government and the country itself from this train clash between their beliefs and reality.

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