translated from Spanish: Chamber of Commerce says sector is advancing supply normalization

Although the locals affected in the country by the social outburst exceed 670, trade is advancing in the normalization of supply, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) reported.
According to the guild’s cadastre, on Tuesday approximately 60% (more than 840) of supermarkets opened their doors at least in some time slot, well above the 34% that were reported the previous day.  In addition, the first multi-tents also joined the reopenings.
«Companies in the sector are making every effort to keep distribution chains and premises open for population supply running, and after nearly total closures during the first days of the emergency they have gone progressively normalizing their operation, to the extent that they are in physical condition, with inventory available and that it is possible to guarantee the safety of their customers and collaborators,» the Santiago Chamber of Commerce reported.
The entity added that «by today more trade is expected to gradually add up to openings, giving households access to the supply of the necessary goods.»
On the balance of what happened yesterday, the guild reported that on Tuesday 22 alone 110 units were added to the 567 that had been identified until Monday 21.
The most damaged segments are supermarkets and pharmacies, but also services, multi-stores, shopping centers, minimarkets, neighborhood premises, warehouses, motor vehicles, among others.
«There is work to be done on the damage assessment, of a huge magnitude and difficult to quantify, but amounting to at least hundreds of millions of dollars so far,» they add.

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