translated from Spanish: Juan Guaidó accuses Nicolas Maduro behind protests in Chile

Venezuela’s president, Juan Guaidó, reported that Nicolás Maduro is behind the protests in Chile and Ecuador, claiming that he «financed» different groups to «infiltrate» demonstrations in the region.
«It is clear that Maduro is incapable and cannot control Venezuela’s oil production, but he does have the ability to finance, through the gold they draw from mines and the mining arch, different groups and infiltrate protests to generate violence and destabilize the region, but it will not succeed,» he said in statements collected by Argentina’s Clarín newspaper.
He then insisted that Maduro is behind the unrest in Ecuador and Chile.
«It has been Maduro’s practice to send funding through the St. Paul’s Forum as well as Hugo Chavez at the time. That’s no different than what they’re trying to do today to try to infiltrate, destabilize, to try to sell a project that has clearly failed on the continent,» he said.
He emphasized that «democracy and institutions must be protected, and that is not just the work of politicians, it is of society, of all Latin Americans who want to live in peace prospers and above all lasting».

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